3TIPS– How to Choose LED Headlight

Mention of the LED headlight lights, it is not only an important part of the vehicle safety system, but also is the composition elements of the body shape, so there are many manufacturers of cars using it as a selling point, such as some luxury brands will use it as standard lights, more and more modified stores introduced modified LED headlight service, etc., and according to the survey in the car modified five just in the light upgrade accounted for up to 70% ,so we can see that people have the enthusiasm of the LED headlights.

However, the LED headlight kits market always are quite mixed. It is a very important part of the safety system, once you buy defective LED headlight ,which burn lamp cover or insurance is a small thing, but if affect you driving safety that will lose more than you gain.Below are some suggestions to help you how to choose good LED headlights.

  1. LED Brand

No matter what kind of LED headlight you buy, should care about the brand of LED firstly. Currently, the famous LED brands are CREE, PHILIP, OSRAM and SEOUL.


  1. Heatdissipation

The heat dissipation of LED headlight is divided into active cooling and passive cooling. Active dissipation has fan dissipation. Passive dissipation is divided into copper dissipation and aluminum dissipation. To be fair, different ways of dissipation have different strengths and weaknesses. Deny a kind of dissipation way completely  is not good. For example, with the fan dissipation products, different manufacturers will have different levels of cooling technology. Whether select passive dissipation products or active dissipation products. Please choose one of the best heat dissipation technology that a product can be.


     Fan dissipation                                     Aluminum heat-dissipating              Copper sissipation

  1. Brightness and the beam pattern

If you compare LED headlight with an ordinary halogen headlight, the LED headlight is definitely much brighter than the halogen because the brightness itself is an advantage of LED, however, good LED headlight is not only depended on the brightness, but also depend on the beam pattern. A perfect LED headlight, should be both with best beam pattern and providential brightness.

How to Choose LED Headlight

Above elements are the elements which you should consider first when you are buying LED headlight kits, meanwhile, if there are other good small elements, it would be best.