Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to choose LED headlight kit, why?

  1. Halogen is a filament based lamp and identifiable by the very yellowish-light temperature omits. Halogen lights typically consume 55w to 100w per light, however much of its energy consumption is wasted in producing heat,so Halogen bulbs have the lowest luminous efficiency, 15lm-20lm/W; HID (also known as Xenon) produce 3 times the light output of halogen of equal wattage; LED is different in that is uses a diode and creates the light at the atomic level, it’s up to 300% brightness than HID with less lowest energy.
  2. The lifespan for Halogen is only around 1500hours, 3000+hours for HID headlight, while it’s over 30,000hours for LED headlight kit which is over 12years.
  3. Halogen bulbs are the least durable options compared with others. The most common drawback of HID technology is that it requires 5 to 7 seconds to reach its full operating capacity when first switched on and they are not solid state in the same way as LED headlight kit.

Do you have any resistors/CANBUS?

Yes., we are offering suitable resistor/Canbus for all of our led headlight kit.

Can I buy Led headlight kit directly from LAMPERT?

Lampert products are available through Lampert ’s customers and dealers. Lampert doesn’t sell to the end-user level directly. If you have any favorite item want to take, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will forward your request to your nearest partner.

If you’ve got questions about Lampert headlight kits, feel free to send us an e-mail. Alternatively, like us on Facebook and send us a message.

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